What a scorcher!

It’s been incredibly hot and sunny today. We both conked out pretty early
and came back to the camp. I think we’re pretty air-showed out and we’re
skipping it today.

Earlier today I grabbed the scooter and headed back into the exhibits. I
bought a Halo ultralight headset, talked to a TSA official about whether
the alien registration rule applies if you’re adding a float rating to an
existing private license (he said it doesn’t – hooray!), and went over to
kit builder’s row to sit in a murphy rebel and a glastar sportsman 2+2.
The sportsman is a tight fit but the murphy isn’t bad. I think there less
room between the seats on the sportsman than some of the LSAs we looked at
-I’m spoiled by the Lance obviously.

The headset has a 30 day moneyback guarantee so obviously I need to get out
in the lance real soon now to see if it works. I really wanted a second
anr for my passengers, but I was convinced by the demo that this will not
only be as quiet as an anr, but also so light you can forget you’re wearing
it. It irks me to pay $350 for what looks like $35 worth of stuff, but I
guess you pay for knowing how to assemble it. I hope it’s not as fragile
as it looks.

As I write this, there are a bunch of t-33s, dehavilland vampyres and
tweety birds, and they are circling over us back in the campsite, which is
unusual. I think they scared the helicopters doing rides over here,
because after what looked to us like close encounters, they suddenly
stopped flying.