Oh so tired

The amount of walking and standing this event requires is really starting
to take its toll. I’m actually turning down a chance to have a second trip
around the museum in favour of this very comfortable chair on pioneer

Last night’s rec.aviation part at jay and mary hoenek’s campsite was a lot
of fun. John O from pinckneyville was there, but not his new bride. Jay
is a really nice guy and so is Montblack. Montblack actually drove us back
to our campsite since the show trams stop working at 8pm and it would have
been a few mile hike. I swear i’m turning into an old geezer though – at
one point Montblack and I were trading medical horror stories.

Tonight is the seaplane pilots association corn roast. It’s a famous
event, and I really got my money’s worth last time.

After mark gets back from his helicopter ride, i’m going to try to convince
him to come ride the trams today rather than walking. I’m exhausted and
even my new oregon aero insoles can’t stop my feet and knees hurting.

The f-22 raptors arrive in a few hours. Patty wagstaff headlines today’s
airshow – i’m looking forward to that. At last night’s party several
people had patty stories, and we all agreed we liked her better as a

2 thoughts on “Oh so tired”

  1. I have to ask – what color is her hair now? She was awfully cute as a redhead in “Drop Zone”…

  2. The SPA corn roast dinner from last year was awesome; I have several unpublishable pics from that one. Sounds like you’re having a good time. Maybe one of these days we’ll:

    a) both go the same year, AND:
    b) actually meet face-to-face.

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