Firefox 1.5 really dropped the ball

Vicki and I both upgraded to Firefox 1.5 (on Mac OS X) in the last couple of weeks. Vicki went first, and she had a problem with something that went away when she uninstalled all the extensions she uses and reinstalled them. Then after a short time she found it was so unstable that she switched to Safari. Then I noticed that I couldn’t get Flash to work on any site. I tried uninstalling FlashBlock, and that didn’t help. I tried upgrading to Flash 8, and that didn’t help. Eventually I discovered that if I go into my profiles directory (in ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/foo) and deleted all the extensions related files and directories, Flash worked again. I installed FlashBlock and the Google Toolbar, but I can’t seem to find the BugMeNot extension. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to do that the old fashioned way.

But it seems like Firefox really screwed up when it comes to upgrading when you have extensions installed.

2 thoughts on “Firefox 1.5 really dropped the ball”

  1. I’ve noticed the “Find Updates” button on the “Extensions” dialog box doesn’t seem to do anything, despite going through the motions.

    I had problems with Java and Flash until I noticed that the version of AdBlock I had was not the latest and manually upgraded it. There were a couple of other extensions that I had to manually upgrade as well.

    After I did that, everything was fine.

  2. I’ve unfortunately grown somewhat tired of Firefox as my mac version (on tiger) doesn’t behave most of the time and I’ve gotten tired of playing the uninstall/reinstall game.. In my case, it just refuses to pull up sites at all — no errors or warnings, but no sites either.. After I uninstall/reinstall and nuke ALL of my settings it will work for a while and then start over again.. However, on the PC it works fine.. Go figure.

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