One Six Right

I got my DVD yesterday of the movie One Six Right. One Six Right is simply the best movie about flying ever made. I think every pilot, everybody curious about flying, and everybody who lives in the noise footprint of an airport should watch this movie. The guy who started the project was originally going to make a simple history of Van Nuys Airport (VNY), but ended up realizing that all these people who were being interviewed were talking more about why they love to fly, what flying means to them and also what it means to the community. And it’s interspersed with some of the best flying sequences I’ve ever seen.

And the people interviewed! People that non-pilots would recognize like Sidney Pollack and Lorenzo Lamas and Paul Moyer. People that pilots around the world would recognize (especially if they read Flying Magazine) like Barry Schiff and Clay Lacy. Old guys talking about meeting Charles Lindburgh when he visited the airport, or about flying in the war. Women talking about flying air ambulances for the local children’s hospital or for a new crew, or ferrying fighter and bombers during the war.

Everybody should see this movie.