Ok, that’s better

I had an appointment with my physiotherapist today. She’s pretty pleased with the progress on my wrist – I’m getting more range of motion back every day, and my grip strength is increasing as well.

I got my KVM switch working again, by unplugging the monitor cable from it and plugging it back again. Not sure if that’s a KVM problem or a monitor problem – next time I’ll try power cycling the monitor instead.

And the network connector arrived for the upstairs TiVo. That means I can do a daily call using the network, instead of the phone. That’s not a huge win, although there wasn’t a convenient phone jack near the TiVo and formerly I’d been using this device that puts the telephone signal through the power lines. But far more importantly, this enables multi-room viewing. I just tried it, and it works ok, but not great. On one Tivo, you can browse the “Now Playing List” (ie the list of recorded programs) from the other TiVo. You can choose a show and “transfer it”. It doesn’t quite transfer in real time, so you have to wait a bit before you start watching, although you can go back to the menu and watch something else, or even choose more shows to transfer, while it’s transferring. And when it’s done transferring, it’s on both TiVos.

If I had any wishes, I’d want the transfer to happen fast enough that instead of transferring, you could watch it directly from the other machine’s hard drive, and therefore when you finished, you could delete it or otherwise manage it on the originating TiVo’s drive. Oh well.