Got the cast off!

I went to the doctor about my wrist. They took off my cast, and let me wash my arm. All the skin on my palm was flaking off, but when I went to the sink to try to wash it off, the technician who’d taken off my cast called from the other room to say “you can’t get all the flakes off”. She says everybody goes back to the sink when they discover all the flakes. While waiting for the doctor, I made the mistake of trying to look at the back of my hand to see if it was flaking too. OUCH!

The doctor examined my wrist a bit and said that since it’s doing so well, instead of a cast she’d give me a brace. She said to treat it like a cast and don’t twist my wrist around too much, although of course I can take it off to wash. She said if it’s too painful I could come back and get a cast.

I can almost type normally with this brace on, but only if I raise my elbow at a high angle. And my elbow is very stiff and sore. But it’s nice to be mobile again.

2 thoughts on “Got the cast off!”

  1. I finally got around to reading your Sept 12 post regarding getting up “ungodly early” to go flying; I get up for work at 3:30 a.m., so that was sleeping in for me! 😉

    Glad to see you got your cast off!

    Paul P

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