New keyboard

SafeType keyboardI’ve got the new keyboard and it’s nice. It takes a bit of getting used to, and strictly speaking I need more mobility in my left hand than the cast allows me. But when I get the arms of my chair set up right and the pillow under my cast exactly right, it’s just about full speed for normal text typing. Still very strange trying to find number keys, and very hit and miss to find the various modifier keys. The mirrors are more help with the number keys, especially since the modifiers aren’t labelled in an Apple manner, but also because they’re too far away from the mirrors to see them well.

SafeType keyboardOne of the weirder aspects of this system is that is comes with a PS/2 to USB adaptor, and it’s got two connectors, one for a PS/2 mouse. I don’t have a PS/2 mouse, I have a USB mouse, but when I plug this adaptor in, then the Powerbook thinks it has a mouse plugged in, even if my USB mouse isn’t plugged in. This means that the trackpad doesn’t work (because I turned on that option when I’m typing one-handed because otherwise my hand drags on it and moves the cursor when I don’t want it). This causes problems when I have to unplug the mouse to, say, plug in the Compact Flash reader. I’ve either got to unplug this keyboard and go back to one handed typing, or reconfigure to allow the trackpad when a mouse is plugged in. What I really need is a small USB hub. I wonder if an unpowered one would work with this keyboard or if it draws to much?

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