Paddling again

Vicki and I went paddling again tonight. It was great.

It was a beautiful evening – sunny, warm, calm, just perfect weather for being right on the water.

First we tried out on Irondequoit Bay. The bay has some interesting crannies that I’d like to spend some time exploring, but it was crowded with power boats and jet skis bombing back and forth willy nilly. So we went back into the creek and explored some branches we hadn’t seen before. We saw a Great Blue Heron both flying overhead and watching us from the shore. We saw a couple of swans with nearly grown babies – one was very dark grey and the other was just off-white. Lots of red-wing blackbirds as always. Some ducks. Out on the bay we got very close to some black-headed terns.

I really enjoyed gliding through the narrow channels side by side with Vicki. I did more of what I discovered last time – trying to do a proper technical stroke with almost no power behind it instead of doing full power strokes. We spend more time able to talk, and I think I got a better work-out because I kept moving rather than blasting ahead and having to wait.

I’ve got a little twinge in one elbow. I’m hoping like hell that it’s nothing major.