On the drive home from Ottawa, there is a field that you suddenly come across that has these gigantic crow sculptures in them. The first time you see them there is sort of a “oh crows…OH MY GOD HUGE FUCKING CROWS…oh they’re fake” moment. Yesterday, in spite of the pouring rain and fading light, I got out to take some pictures of them.

I need to sort though these pictures a bit more and maybe do some cleanup in Photoshop, but I was hoping the overcast and rain would make a more eeeerie effect, and it did. I need to come back with a manual focus camera, though, because a couple of times I wanted one crow framed by another, and the camera I was using tended to focus on the near one (or the grass growing under it) instead.

8 thoughts on “BFCs”

  1. Those are . . . terrifying, yet cool. Nice picture capturing the rain streaks on them.

  2. Hmmm. That first one was around when I published, but I forgot to ping you until I got into work. Seems as though somehow it trackbacked automatically when I posted, perhaps?

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