Music review of sorts

A while back I raved about some Bulgarian Women’s choir stuff I listen to. This is not going to be such a rave.

I have two CDs, “Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares Vol 1” and “Tour 93”, which are ethereal and uplifting. So when I had some Pepsi credits on the iTunes Music Store, I wanted to see if they had anything else along the same line. And the first few times I looked, they didn’t have anything – but recently they got a new album called “Bulgarian Soul”. It had a few of the same songs that I already had, and the 30 second previews on the store sounded ok through the tinny speakers on my Powerbook. So I bought it (one aside – just because you’ve got 11 song credits doesn’t mean that you can use them to buy a whole album, unless the album only has 11 tracks and ITMS is willing to sell it one track at a time).

Big mistake.

And now that I have my iPod in semi-working (it only fails if it’s unplugged and you hit pause – so as long as I keep it plugged in when I’m sitting down at my desk and keep it running when I’m away from my desk, it works) I decided to give it a listen.

Big mistake.

Where the other music is lilting and magical, this is boring and pedestrian. The choir music sounds like listening to angels only you don’t speak the language of heaven yet, but the “Bulgarian Soul” CD sounds like any cheap Naxos classical music CD – able, but not artistry. I only listened to four tracks before I gave up. Much as it hurts me to waste $10 on music that I never listen to, I doubt this will get on my normal rotation.

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  1. There’s an interesting CD you may want to look for, “From Bulgaria With Love,” which is where they remixed a lot of the original songs with the assistance of the choir itself.

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