Great timing, assholes

Today, the wind was gusting up to 55 knots, and we’re getting the first snow of the season. So what does Kodak do? They have a fucking fire drill. And because it’s fucking cold and wet and blowing, it takes forever to empty the building, so therefore those of us who got out reasonably early have to stand around freezing our asses off.

One major reason why it was taking so long to empty the building was some fat ass dipwad cockbite was standing in front of one of the two double doors at our exit, and wouldn’t move out of the way even when I tried to push the door open. And if you’ve ever tried to push a 400 pound lump of congealed grease who is actively pushing back, you’ll know it’s not easy.

2 thoughts on “Great timing, assholes”

  1. Dunno about where you come from, but in my corner of the world anyone who obstructs an evacuation or refuses to cooperate with floor wardens during an evacuation can find themselves on the receiving end of a ticking-off from the Fire Service. (There’s always someone who’s “too important” to pay attention to frivolities like fire drills.)

    Given the alarm was genuine (albeit specious) lardass really should get a bollocking from the men in the big red truck.

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