<stewie’s voice>BLAST</stewie’s voice>

Dammit, I forgot to bring my iPod to work again today. It’s not so much that I share a cube wall with “Chatty Katy” who appears to be organizing a volleyball tournament, or that right opposite another cube wall is the door to a conference room so I get to hear the post-conference discussions that inevitably happen after every use of the room. No, it’s this floor shaking horrendous thump that happens with disturbing irregularity. I’d estimate it to happen about 4 times an hour on average, but sometimes I don’t hear it for an hour or more, and sometimes it seems to be happening every few minutes.

This thump has been happening since I got here at this job, but if you ask other people, most of them haven’t noticed it. Some of them comment on it when they come over to visit my cube, because the rest of the development team is on the other side of a physical fire door and so maybe they’re more insulated from it.