Help me, smart people

This is how the v-rack is attached to the rack
This is my new v-rack. The connection is simple and strong, but it’s too simple for me. It doesn’t allow for access to my hatchback – I could probably get it open a tiny bit, but I’m afraid of the sharp edge of the square bar and what it would do to the glass of the hatch. What I want is either a quick and easy way to remove the rack entirely, or to undo the back clamp and pivot the whole thing forward around the front clamp, or even better, a quick and easy way to loosen up the connection once I take the boat off, so that I can slide the whole rack forwards so it’s not interfering with the hatch, and then slide it back and tighten it up again.

Some of the ideas I’ve had:

  • A quick release skewer from a bike. Not sure if I could get the size I want or whatever.
  • Something like a cable clamp, preferably one that goes over center and locks down really well.
  • Something like a cotterless hitch pin.
  • A plastic knob or wing nut to make it easier to unscrew.

Better ideas, or better explanations of my half-assed ideas above would be welcomed in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Help me, smart people”

  1. Replace the bolts with socket head screws of the same size (basically bolts where the head is a cylinder rather than hex, and has a Allen wrench socket)

    Tack weld the nuts to the bottom plate

    Get an Allen wrench with a plastic T handle, that way you can easily loosen off the bolts just with the Allen wrench enough to slide the whole thing forward out of the way.

  2. I was thinking something similar, except I was thinking to glue/weld/somehow attach the bolts, and replace the nuts with wingnuts. Same basic idea: Loosen and slide the whole mess forward.

    I’m picturing something that I’m not sure exists. Something that replaces the bolts with a spring-loaded latch, kind of like a Grolsch bottle, maybe with a cotter pin to hold the lever in place. Easy enough to pop open and slide, but secure in motion. Does that make any sense?

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