Empire State Regatta

Today I went to a kayak race. Not, unfortunately, to race. I was there to act as time keeper.

It was a fun time. The weather was awesome, the venue was pretty good, and the organizer pulled out all the stops in terms of providing food, drink and entertainment. The only problem was the turn out. Basically we got the local paddle community, and Scott Stenberg up from near where I work, and that’s it. Nobody from the Adirondacks and nobody from out of state. That’s too bad.

Last year the same organizer ran a race, which was unfortunately the weekend between the 90 and Long Lake. But in spite of that, he had a huge crowd. But because he was a first time race director, he was completely overwhelmed and didn’t get any real results, just a list of boat numbers and their finish times, and didn’t have any real prize presentation. Every paddler wants to see proper results. I don’t know if this is an unfair stereotype, but it seems to me that canoers care more about prizes than kayakers do. I dont know if that’s why people stayed away this year, but I’m sure it’s a factor.

Any way, this year he’s doing it right. Results up quick, and some nice prizes. Hopefully, word will get out that the problems from last year were fixed, and the crowds will come back.