Editing fail

So I was reading a story in this month’s Analog magazine, and encountered the following paragraph:

“They company wantoffered me a promotions me to learn aboutlead a new technology group, something I saw in the Dakotas a few months ago,” Gus replied. “It’s a nice increase career move if I accept,” Gus offered.

I swear all spelling, punctuation and spacing is exactly as it is in the magazine. It’s almost as if somebody took the blue pencil markup version and put in all the new stuff without taking out the old stuff. And then later in the same story:

His The aesthetic principles approach would disappear be lost when Phil’s new technology was perfectedused.

Doesn’t Analog have proof readers for this sort of thing?

(What does it say about my age and penchant for trivial that I know this much about obsolete book and magazine editing even though I’m not a writer or an editor?)

Still paddling

Last year, my last paddle of the season was on November 30th, and it was extremely cold. Today exactly the same group of people as that time met at Black Creek, which is a few miles upstream from GWC. It was a lot nicer this time – it was in the low to middle 50s instead of the high 30s like that time and the sun was shining, and while there was a slight breeze, I was comfortable with my wet suit and long sleeve shirt. No long underwear, no toque, no pogies.

We did long intervals – 1 mile at about 80% effort, with 8 minutes rest each time. We did four sets at about 8:15 per mile. I rode wash most of the time. Jim was paddling this down river racing boat that threw off a really good wake, and it was easier to ride than Dan’s sprint boat.

Unfortunately there isn’t going to be any more video this year – I dropped my camera in the canal on Sunday and it sunk like a stone. Next year I’m probably going to buy a Flip Ultra HD and a replacement for the mount and the waterproof bag, although I’m going to be a lot more careful about making sure the camera is attached to the boat with a rope in the future.

Update It’s not often I get to update a 13 year old blog post, but somebody wrote me to say that the link to the Flip Ultra HD was dead because Flip went out of business. He sent me a link to his guide talking about what happened to Flip.