That’s not good

On Thursday, I did some extensive work on the positioning of the rudder pedals on my kayak. I drilled some new holes in the boat, eliminated the extraneous rails, and moved the new pedal rails in order to reduce the way the rudder pedal wire guides have been gouging holes in my lower legs and to raise the pedals so that I can push better without pushing the rudder back and forth.

Today I went out to try to paddle the course of the Armond Basset Race, which takes place next weekend at the Genesee Waterways Center here in town. All I know for sure it that they say it’s “2 laps of 5 miles”, but Mike F says he thinks it’s 1.25 miles upstream in the river, 2.5 miles downstream, 2.5 miles upstream, 2.5 miles downstream, and then 1.25 miles upstream again. That makes sense, because it means that each boat passes the start/finish area 5 times, which would be good for any spectators – on the down side it means that we’re finishing upstream, and the stream is running pretty fast. So Mike and I tried to paddle it, but after 4 miles or so, my hips were really starting to hurt, so I gave up after 1 loop (5 miles). Maybe I went too fast trying to keep up with Mike (who is normally a much faster paddler than I am), but I think it’s mostly because of the new leg position. I’m really hoping that things are better by next Saturday.

I’m looking at my GPS track from today versus the Tupper Lake race, and my heart rate was much lower today. So I couldn’t have been working as hard. But man that current was strong – I was averaging 5.0 mph going up, and 7.4 mph going down.