I didn’t sleep last night. My elbows were killing me, and I had a very acid stomach. As a matter of fact, sometime around breakfast time I figured out there might be a common cause – if I didn’t take enough water with my evening Aleve, it doesn’t go down all the way and gives me acid and doesn’t help my joints. On top of that I’m tired as hell. I couldn’t get comfortable all night – my legs were always cold and my trunk was always too hot. And I had a bunch of stuff running around my head.

Right now I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to have explosive diarrhea or vomit. So I’ve come home. Maybe I can get some sleep.

4 thoughts on “Blergh”

  1. Oh, poor Honey.

    Um, if those are your choices, do you think you could doze in the bathtub?


  2. My docs always tell me to take my nsaids with food. Protection for the stomach lining. Enough liquid to wash down, so as not to process in the esophagus. Hope you are feeling better.

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