Figures, doesn’t it?

The cube that backs on mine has sat empty for probably two years now. It’s recently been re-occupied. Not a problem, except the new occupant is A SPEAKER PHONE USER. So far, mostly of the second worst variety, that of the “using it on one-on-one conversation”, and not of the worst variety, the “using it to check voice mail”.

Somebody kill me.

4 thoughts on “Figures, doesn’t it?”

  1. One of my co-workers has speakerphone conversations and checks his voicemail with speakerphone. He does have an office, but shares it with two other people who are too timid to say anything. Fortunately, he has a door which other co-workers are not shy about slamming in front of him. It seems to have been an effective approach.

    Too bad cubes don’t have doors to slam.

  2. …nothing that a well timed greasing of the “Speakerphone” button on his phone couldn’t probably solve.

    At the very least, perhaps he’ll take a hint.

  3. There must be a device that could induce feedback on his speakerphone. Paging professor Lesher…

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