They’re doing it again

As I wrote about in Rants and Revelations » Dear Boss, my boss has a stick up his ass about my DocumentCache, and blames it for any problems with the cinlib long before any evidence comes in, and continues to do so time after time years after the last time it was actually a problem.

So yesterday we were discussing a problem and Tony asked for something new to be put in the DocumentCache, and the head of QA starts saying “I don’t want you guys messing with DocumentCache so close to the release date because it always seems to be causing problems”. AAARRGGGGHHHH!!!! I patiently explained that, no, the DocumentCache hasn’t had a bug against it in three years, it’s just a matter of perception because every time there is a bug anywhere near that part of the code “somebody” (I didn’t say Dave’s name) thinks it’s a DocumentCache bug even though it never turns out to be the case that it is.

The next time I write something that caches something, I’m not going to use the word “Cache” in its name. I’m going to call it the XMLPuppyAndKittenPlayground or something.

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