I don’t think MySQL liked the upgrade very much

Every time I go into my WordPress SpamKarma page, I get the following error:

Failed to purge comment spam entries.
Query: DELETE `pt_comments`, `pt_sk2_spams` FROM `pt_comments` LEFT JOIN `pt_sk2_spams` ON `pt_sk2_spams`.`comment_ID` = `pt_comments`.`comment_ID` WHERE (`pt_comments`.`comment_approved` = ‘0’ OR `pt_comments`.`comment_approved` = ‘spam’) AND `pt_comments`.`comment_date_gmt` < DATE_SUB('2006-08-14 11:36:26', INTERVAL 2 HOUR) SQL error: Incorrect key file for table './wordpress/pt_comments.MYI'; try to repair it

So then I go into mysql, do a “repair table pt_comments”, and repeat the purge operation and it’s fine. But some hours later, when I go back to the page, I get the same error. How do I repair this damn table so it stays repaired? Would doing a full mysqldump and restore fix it?