New comment spam technique

Within minutes of my last blog post, I got notification of three trackbacks that didn’t get flagged by SpamKarma2 as spam. Each one had a somewhat spammy URL, and the last part was my subject line with “.php” appended. I went to one of them, and it was a blatant copy of my post, surrounded by their crap.

This is a disturbing new trend in the war between spammers and search engines – as well as getting a link from your site, they also copy your site’s content in order to get it indexed. Colour me annoyed.

6 thoughts on “New comment spam technique”

  1. Gordon, regarding your “creative Apache rules”: it appears that each of the 4 trackback spam attempts came from different IPs, but each time, 7 seconds before the spam, there was a read of that page from I’ve used iptables to block access from that particular IP. We’ll see if it helps.

  2. I had exactly the same thing happen to me recently – only the one copy though. I told Spam Karma 2 that it was a spammy trackback, I wonder how it will cope.

  3. I was actually thinking there might be a way to prevent your content from being wrapped up in someone else’s site. Once upon a time I saw a snippet for Javascript that would forcibly close a window if it was wrapped up by someone else.

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