5 thoughts on “iPod Number 6 is here!”

  1. Great googly moogly, I can’t even imagine what to expect from the iPod of the Beast. Buena suerte, my friend.

  2. I keep getting Attempting to copy to the disk “Paul Tomblin’s iPod” failed. An unknown error occurred (-36). And then it stops copying songs, so I have to click “Update iPod” to start it again. So karma is working as normal. The one hopeful thing is each time I see that error, I also get an error about not being able to copy a certain song because it belongs to somebody else, so maybe it’s a DRM thing. I’m trying to purge my collection of unauthorized songs before I try again.

  3. On Linux, errno 36 is…

    -ENAMETOOLONG (#36): File name too long

    Perhaps that’s still relevant on OSX.


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