Woo hoo!

I’m currently without an aviation medical. If you want all the gory details as to why, you can read
this entry in my old journal, and you can read why it’s taking so long at this other entry.

In order to not just sit around on my ass having all my skills atrophy, I decided to check out in our club’s Lance. The club requires a 10 hour checkout, today I did 1.5 hours.

It was a lot of fun. The plane is big and heavy and a bit of a wallowy pig if you let it get slow, but at 90 knots on a standard landing pattern or 120 knots on an ILS, and it is steady as a rock and lands smoothly. It’s touchy on the throttle and propellor controls. But it’s fast and carries a ton literally – it’s got a max gross takeoff weight of 3600lbs and an empty weight of 1241. I’m looking forward to taking some long trips in it.

Not proud of myself, number 2347 in a series

On my way to work, I drive on “boulevard” that has two lanes in each direction and a grassy median. For much of it, it has what I would call a “service road” or “access road” running parallel, with driveways into business and parking lots coming into the access road, and short little “ramps” for passing between the boulevard and the access road.
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I am far too Canadian

The title is from a song by “Spirit of the West”. But I’m starting to wonder if I’m “too Canadian” or just crazy.

Case in point, I got to the post office before it opened. There were people there waiting, but they were waiting in random locations in the atrium, not actually lined up. The person nearest the door was a good metre and a half away from the door. Not being able to detect any order to this gaggle, I walked right up to the door and stood there. The gaggle soon formed itself into a lineup behind me. But all the time I stood there, I couldn’t make eye contact with all these people, because I know that they got there ahead of me, but I “butted in” in front of them. And yet I know there was no line to butt into until I formed the line, so why am I beating myself up about this?

<stewie’s voice>BLAST</stewie’s voice>

Dammit, I forgot to bring my iPod to work again today. It’s not so much that I share a cube wall with “Chatty Katy” who appears to be organizing a volleyball tournament, or that right opposite another cube wall is the door to a conference room so I get to hear the post-conference discussions that inevitably happen after every use of the room. No, it’s this floor shaking horrendous thump that happens with disturbing irregularity. I’d estimate it to happen about 4 times an hour on average, but sometimes I don’t hear it for an hour or more, and sometimes it seems to be happening every few minutes.

This thump has been happening since I got here at this job, but if you ask other people, most of them haven’t noticed it. Some of them comment on it when they come over to visit my cube, because the rest of the development team is on the other side of a physical fire door and so maybe they’re more insulated from it.