My mis^Wwell spent youth

Heidi and Me
Heidi and Me
I’m sure people have started to wonder if I have any happy memories. Well, thanks to my mom and a scanner at work, I now have some pictures from one of the happiest period of my life. I’ve tried to work out the time line and put them in roughly chronological order. You can see them all here. I’ll probably write blog entries about several of them. But to start with, here’s a picture that I think comes from that first car-camping trip with Heidi on Victoria Day.


One of our Christmas visitors was making me crazy yesterday, because he wouldn’t shut the fuck up about wanting a throwing star. (Yeah, I really think a 13 year old with poor impulse control (but I repeat myself) needs a sharp and possibly lethal weapon.) So I tried to remember times when I probably drove my parents nuts by whining and begging for something.
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Pranks I have known

For that last couple of days, people on the LUGOR (Linux Users Group of Rochester) have been trading back and forth screen shots showing their particular setups. (Oh, and they’ve all been smart enough to put the screen shots on a web site somewhere and just emailing the URL – thanks, guys.) But that got me thinking about something that happened over 10 years ago.
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