And this morning’s lesson is…

Let’s say that around 8pm you noticed that your linode is suffering from a lack of memory. And so you decide that the Mailman processes have gotten bloated and need to be restarted. So you do an /etc/init.d/mailman restart. And let’s further say that as you’re heading off to bed 2 hours later, you still haven’t gotten any messages from any of the mailing lists on that server.

Do you

  1. Assume that everybody suddenly got real quiet, and head off to bed without a second thought? or
  2. Assume that the restart didn’t actually restart, and send a test message to one of the list-request addresses, and when it doesn’t come back, do another mailman restart?

Because last night, I did the first one, and didn’t do the second one until this morning. Which is why on these graphs you’ll see no activity for 11 hours, and then suddenly a big spike.

Sorry, people.

In other news, today I’m wearing my Enemy Combatant t-shirt to mark the death of American democracy. Well, it was nice while it lasted.

Putting the Democratic Party on notice

I’m with orc, in his post Crossing the line.

I’m putting the Democratic Party as a whole, and candidates individually, on notice: If you don’t come out strongly and clearly against this torture bill and any other attempt to legalize illegal detention and torture practiced by this administration, you will not receive one penny from me. You say that will leave the House and Senate in the hands of the Republicans? So what? If you’re not against torture, then you have demonstrated that you wouldn’t be any better than them on the most important issue facing this country.

The future of America is at stake. Take a stand, or fade into oblivion.