Legalize My Cannondale?

I have to admit that I’m bike racing crazy. I used to watch just the Tour de France, but now I’ve got “Bicycle Racing” in the TiVo season passes and I’ve watched all the major races this year. I’m currently watching the Giro d’Italia, another major tour but not as major as “le Tour”. Many of the best riders and teams (including US Postal) give it a miss to prepare for “le Tour”, but the best sprinters are there.

Some random thoughts follow.
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I had a dream.

Or rather, I had two dreams. Last night. Which isn’t all that unusual – what is unusual is that I remember them this morning. Usually when I wake up in the morning, I try and remember my dreams but I can feel them slip out of my grasp like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands. And as they’re slipping away completely, what spells the final doom is that Vicki tries to tell me what she dreamt about that night. I’m so incoherent in the morning that it’s a wonder I can find my way to the toilet some times.
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