New video workflow?

I just discovered that Garmin VIRB Edit is available for non-VIRB video. I’ve been looking for a way to overlay data from my GPS onto the video and this might do the trick. I would like to see the same stuff on the movie that I’m looking at during the race, like speed, heart rate, distance and time. I downloaded it last night and did some playing around. It’s pretty rough edged – it’s even worse than iMovie in terms of getting into states that I have no idea how to get out of.

The biggest rough edge is that it won’t touch videos that have a name that ends with .mov, but if you rename them to .mp4 they load just fine. The second biggest is that if your camera breaks a recording session up into a bunch of different files, it will only apply the GPS data to one of them. So what I did last night was I

  1. Appended all my movie clips into one big one in Quicktime
  2. Exported that big one.
  3. Renamed it from to big.mp4
  4. Imported that into VIRB Edit
  5. Exported my GPS data from Garmin Connect as a .GPX file
  6. Imported that into VIRB Edit
  7. Tried to sync the video file and the GPX data
  8. Exported that file from VIRB Edit
  9. Imported that file into iMovie and started editing

Unfortunately when I looked at it in iMovie, I realized the GPX data wasn’t synced exactly right. So I went back to VIRB Edit, and found that when I tried to fix the sync it instead just lost its mind and decided that I was going 0 mph with 0 heart beats for the entire movie. So I don’t know what to do about that except maybe throw the whole thing away and start again.