Consider those goals met

On October 13th last year, I posted about my goals for this year, and beyond. In that post, I expressed the goal of doing 650-700 miles of paddling this year. I just checked with Garmin Connect, and it shows that since January 1st I’ve paddled 759.25 miles, including 76.17 miles of races. That does not include a few workouts here and there where I forgot my GPS, or a short gap where my GPS stopped uploading to the computer and I had to buy another one. If I do the “Last 365 days” instead of “Since January 1”, that ups my total to 945.8 miles. I’d say that constituted a pretty decent base.

I also said I’d like to join a pit crew to see what it’s like at the Adirondack Canoe Classic (aka “The 90 Miler”). That I did, and I helped out Sue and Liz as they took care of Doug and Mike at the 90. Granted, I didn’t go to every pit stop, mostly because I was trying to get a decent paddle in each day myself so I could see what it was like, but I was there at the finish to help tired paddlers out of their boats and take care of their boats for them. And in spite of seeing these guys staggeringly tired and bloody and nearly puking, I’m sure that I want to try it next year. I just hope my knees can stand up to portaging.