My NavData project is in serious danger of overwhelming my blog, and just having a comment section doesn’t seem like the best way to collaborate on the design (assuming I get any actual collaborators). I’m wondering if I should set up a Wiki for the design. Does anybody have any experience with Wikis? Can they suggest a good one for doing software design collaboration, and give me pointers on how to use it for that purpose?

4 thoughts on “Wikis?”

  1. I’d steer clear of MediaWiki, it is quite resource intensive and the developers show no interest in changing that, going so far as to reject patches that improve efficiency. I don’t know what code repository you use but trac seems to be the clear choice for subversion users.

    It has source browsing capabilities similiar to viewcvs as well as an intigrated wiki and bug reporting/tracking system. It appearantly does nifty things like linking an issue number in a commit entry to the bug report/discussion as well as CamelCase text to wiki pages.

  2. Jason runs and likes DokuWiki. My understanding of it is that it has all of the basic functionality that most people want, but is much simpler than MediaWiki.

    I ran MediaWiki briefly. It was overkill for what I wanted.


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