Still spam free…

As I wrote over a month ago, in Rants and Revelations » Hit me, spammers, I haven’t had any comment spam from random comment spammers since switching from MovableType to WordPress. So far it falsely accused a couple of legitimate comments as being spam for various reasons, and I’ve had to remove comments from my ex-wife, but I haven’t seen anything that you could count as spam.

I’ve looked at my web server, and I don’t see any hits on wp-comments-post that I couldn’t account for. Still seeing lots of hits on the non-functional MovableType comment cgi, though.

Either the comment spammers haven’t figured out WordPress 1.5 yet, or the option that says “Blacklist comments from open and insecure proxies” is silently preventing the comment spammers from even getting to wp-comments-post.

Now if only the referrer spammers would stop hitting every link in my site in spite of the fact that there is no where anyone can see my referrers so they aren’t getting any benefit from chewing up my bandwidth.