Don’t I feel like a dork?

I was off Monday, and yesterday I forgot to bring my PDA into work, so today I went to the pimp’s web site to enter my hours. Normally I don’t even look at the login screen, and just click through to the page where you have a box for each day of the week to enter how many hours I’ve worked. But when I got there, there were boxes for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but nothing for Thursday through Sunday. “Hmmm”, I thought, not coming to the realization that I’m sure most of you have already come to, “must be a technical glitch on their end”. So I called the pimp, and they said “Oh, you have to change the Time Period drop down box from ‘Week Ending April 10’ to ‘Week Ending April 4′”. “D’OH!”

Ok, slap me upside the head for being an idiot, but when I normally enter my timesheet on Mondays, the correct “Week Ending” is already selected.