Waiting, waiting, waiting.

I’m sitting in the Ottawa Flying Club’s cafe, waiting for the updated weather forecast that comes out in half an hour. They’ve got a wireless access point, although I had to have them reboot the server to get it working. For some stupid reason, they block outgoing SSH connections, which means I have to use Squirrel Mail to read my home email. That kind of sucks.

Mostly I’m wasting time by going through old blog entries and correcting all the internal links that broke when I moved from MovableType to WordPress. I also added a butt-load of new categories. The old categories, “Rant”, “Revelation”, “Route” were alliterative, and indicative of the mood of the post, but not much help if you were looking for posts about flying, or geek stuff, or photography, or whatever. WordPress makes it WAY easier to put articles in multiple categories, so the old categories are retained as well.

3 thoughts on “Waiting, waiting, waiting.”

  1. You mean you don’t have ssh-https-tunnel.pl on your box?

    That’d be kinda inconvenient then, yes.

  2. https is so pedestrian! ssh over DNS gets you free wireless from a lot of paid networks. too.

    For what it’s worth, next time you’re stuck here (and don’t need to stay around the FBO), Bridgehead offers free wireless now.

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