Bad Job Experiences, Number 3 in a Series

After I left the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Communications, I moved to Ottawa to work for GeoVision, which was a small company that had recently been spun off of SHL (SystemHouse). I was hired as part of a big expansion as they went from 25 people to 50. GeoVision made a Geographic Information System (GIS), and it was probably the most capable one out there, although it was a bit slow.
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Great Big Sea hove in Rochester NY

I almost left it too long, but I got my tickets to see Great Big Sea, the best band in the world, tomorrow night.

I saw them in concert a couple of years ago at a free concert, and it was absolutely the most fun I’ve had at a concert in 20 years. I already had a few of their CDs, but the live experience just blew me away. “Road Rage” is now my favourite CD of theirs because it brings back memories of that concert.

A few weeks before we went to see GBS last time, we’d been down to Cornell to see Battlefield Band. They put on a good show, but they do this song called “After Hours” about how great it is to be playing after closing time in a pub, but they couldn’t get off the stage at the end of their set fast enough. GBS, on the other hand, did three encores and made it seem like they really did want the night to go on forever.

I hope they play lots of the old stuff, and don’t do the usual band thing of playing every song from their latest CD and leave out better stuff from their earlier CDs. I’m currently listening to “Seagulls”, and it’s a great song. And every CD is full of jems like that.