Maybe I need a new category for this

I seem to have a lot of kayaking entries recently. Maybe they need their own category – except all my categories start with the letter “R”, and I can’t think of a good R word for kayaking.

As you probably guessed, I went kayaking again today. I tried to take it easy, and so far my elbows are only a little bit sore.
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Damn damn damn FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!

This morning my elbows are hurting. And they’re not responding to ibuprohen either. This feels like the start of the two years of elbow pain that I got after trying for a week to paddle a canoe for exercise. I guess my plans to try a different kayak some evening this week had better go on-hold. Perhaps forever.

Dammit, why can’t I catch a break? All I want out of life is for something fun I can do that will give me some exercise so I don’t die of a heart attack when I’m 45. IS THAT TOO FUCKING MUCH TO ASK FOR, GOD?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Last night, the Good was that Vicki and I went kayaking. I enjoy it so much – being closer to the water than in a canoe, it seems like you’re just flying along. Vicki was a little pissed at me because every time I tried to do a succession of 5 or 10 good technique paddle strokes, I’d end up 20-30 metres in front of her. Towards the end I think I figured out how to do good technique without pulling too hard, so I could paddle well but not too fast. I feel a good sort of pain afterwards – muscle tiredness, but no untoward joint pain that I can detect.

The Bad was that my TiVo recording of the Alpe d’Huez time trial cut out just as Lance Armstrong was about to catch Ivan Basso and Ullrich was still out on the course. Dammit – I wanted to see Lance’s climb on the upper parts.

The Ugly is that after a few hours of feeling that my glasses weren’t working out, I tried a few hours without them, and the net result was horrific eyestrain – not sure if the eyestrain came from the time I had with glasses or the time without them. I know that this morning my eyes are all gunked up, which seems to be happening because of the dryness I feel when wearing my glasses.