How come…

How come all the anarchists use that same “A with a circle” logo? Did they have a big meeting and vote on it, or did the Grand Council of Supreme Anarchists just decree that they had to use it?

Oh my God!

I’ve worked in so many soul destroying cube farms, and a couple of places where a bunch of developers where stuck in a big echo-ey room, that this place looks like nerd-vanna to me.
Joel on Software – Bionic Office

Actually, I worked one place with semi-private offices. It was great because I shared an office with another bird lover and we used to bring our birds in and let them fly around the room. But that place was soul destroying in so many other ways that it couldn’t make up for the nice offices.

Family Guy

“Look Lois, the two symbols of the Republican Party, an elephant and a white guy who fears change”.