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CSM Memories

Ok, since I’m going to use this blog instead of the Slashdot one, I thought I’d bring some Slashdot entries over here. Oh, and maybe fix them up a bit as I do it.

This one concerns the Canadian Ski Marathon, which I skied in several times in the 1977-1982 timeframe. Back then, the CSM was a huge event, with over 4,000 people participating. The course went from La Chute Quebec to Montebello Quebec one day, and the next day from Montebello to either Hull or Ottawa, depending the weather and the organization, for a total distance somewhere between 160 and 170 kilometers over two days.
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Oh, new blog!

Ok, I experimented with keeping a journal on Slashdot, and decided I liked it, but the Slashdot journal isn’t very useful. So I installed MT here to see if I like it better. If I do, I’ve set it up so that I should be able to offer accounts to others.