First sign of the end times

I knew the Digital Cinema project that I’d been on for 6 years was doomed. But I didn’t know how doomed until the last week or so, when former colleagues on that project have suddenly started responding to the LinkedIn invitations to connect that I sent them a year ago. I’m guessing there is a lot of resume polishing and network building going on there right now. I’d say “Poor bastards”, but I’m in no better shape right now, except I did all that 6 months ago.

4 thoughts on “First sign of the end times”

  1. The “network building” via online-services like LinkedIn or Xing was reported as jammed a year ago, since everybody is doing it. I never received any job-offer via LinkedIn or the like, not even a bad one. That may be a result of my low number of contacts or my skills are way too generic.

  2. … or maybe LinkedIn just gives its subscribers hope in exchange for all that data … kind of like lottery tickets.

  3. I’ve gotten numerous calls from recruiters as a result of LinkedIn. Unfortunately every single one of them was somebody who didn’t realize that New York State has parts that are a 12 hour drive from Manhattan.

  4. Around here, you will loose your unemployment benefits if your only reason for not taking a job is the distance, meaning after 3 months unemployment any (!) distance is “acceptable” except you have to support elderly (you need a doctors notice). First violation means 12 weeks suspension, second violation is permanent meaning you have to work for two full years uninterrupted before youre eligible again. Loosing your unemployment benefits meaning loosing your health insurance too, and thats is more expansive than 500$/month minimum.

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