Another long distance paddle

Today I met up with Mike and Paul D to paddle around the bay. Last time I did this, on June 13th, I faded, had to ride wash for a mile, and then faded even more and had to just drag myself in the last half mile or so. This time, I started out riding wash, but got them to slow down to a more sustainable pace, and ended up paddling without assistance for the last half, and I actually got bored of waiting for the two of them and surged ahead for the last mile or so. Last time, I did 10.65 miles in 1:59. This time I did 10.92 miles in 2:02. Not a huge improvement, but an improvement none the less.

One thought on “Another long distance paddle”

  1. So, I guess, you are still without a job?
    Are you doing something IT-related with that much time on your hand? When applying around here (for regular employment, full-time) after a period of unemployment, you have to ready to be asked “well, what did you do during your unemployment?”
    Googl’ing people for internet-online postings (like StackOverflow) is not that common around here, well except when applying at microsoft or google.

    No, I’m not saying “who has stopped getting better has stopped being good” – not yet. That claim mostly creates blank stares the last times I used them.

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