Obviously some sort of scam, but what?

We just got a voice mail welcoming us to a new service at Frontier. The call came from 570-631-4560, and the message said to call 888-791-9198. Obviously I was suspicious because we didn’t have any new service, and so I checked on-line and none of those numbers agree with anything that Frontier normally uses. I called Frontier’s advertised customer support number, and sure enough there was no change on our account and nothing to welcome us to. So obviously the point of the scam was to get you to reveal details of your phone account to some nefarious third party, but I wonder why?

I don’t have to ask if people are stupid enough to call somebody they think is the phone company, and not get suspicious when they don’t know your name and address based on your phone number, because there is ample evidence of just how stupid people are all over the internet.

If you get a call from these scammers and you’re smart enough to not call them back without first googling it, I’m hoping that by posting it here somebody will find this warning. Good luck.

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