Fun fact #143.4

Discovered while trying to debug my nav data loading scripts: The Hendersonville Airport (0A7) and the “W.N.C. Museum Airport” (8NC9) are only 0.03 nautical miles apart, but they’re separate airports. I’m not sure if they’re the closest two ever, but they’re certainly pretty damn close. As a matter of fact, I think this picture Hendersonville Airport from the web site listing for Hendersonville shows both runways, the paved one for Hendersonville and the turf one for the museum. I bet there is a story why they didn’t just build a taxiway between them and call it one airport.

One thought on “Fun fact #143.4”

  1. Back when my brother was at ETPS, I got mail from him noting a Sea King’s tail rotor is 0.009 nm behind the cockpit and you need to look for a lot more landing clearance than he considered customary; based on that, those airports are about three Sea Things apart, or maybe only two if you consider main rotor clearance ahead.

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