By all means, Paul, fsck with the hard drives

This morning, as Vicki was about to leave for work, she dumped her laptop on me, saying it wasn’t booting. It was stuck on a blue boot screen, with nothing much happening. So I did a three finger salute and forced a reboot, and it went to the OpenDarwin login prompt. I put in her userid and password, and it said “Invalid login” and started doing a normal graphical boot. Then it popped up a warning about something wrong with the Tablet driver (which is odd, because we don’t have a Tablet). I acknowledged the warning, and it booted some more, and then it went back to the OpenDarwin login prompt. After a few attempts at different userids and passwords, I remembered how to boot these guys into single user mode (splat+s).

In single user mode, it gave me an error with replaying the journal. So I did an “fsck -fy”, and after it said it finished fixing everything, it sort of hung again. So I did another boot into single user mode and another “fsck -fy” and it didn’t find anything wrong, so I booted it normally and it came up fine.

So I pulled out the external firewire drive and copied her entire /Users/vjrnts directory over to it. Good thing it’s still under AppleCare.