More dreams

This week I remember two recent dreams. I usually only seem to remember one, and that’s good so I can have something to talk about with my therapist.

In the first one, I’m on a bike ride when I meet up with a Global Cycling Network (GCN) group ride. (GCN is a cycling focused YouTube channel based out of the UK, and most of the presenters are former pros, although usually not World Tour pros) We get to a stop, probably a cafe and I take off my rear wheel for some reason. I’m having trouble getting it back on, so Sy Richardson, one of the GCN presenters, offers to help. Immediately he’s doing one strange adjustments to my rear wheel that I’ve never seen before. But he can’t get it to go back on either. And then he starts working on the entire drive train. By the time he’s finished, the entire drive train is on the wrong side of the bike, and the chain is really rusty and far too long for my bike. I realize that what he’s done is take the entire drive train off the XtraCycle long frame cargo bike I’m parked in front of and transferred it to my bike, which is why the chain is too long.


I don’t think I figured out how it got transposed to the wrong side of the bike.

The second dream was a few days later. In this one, a few people I don’t know in real life but were friends in the dream were in one of the royal palaces. For some reason my car and most of my possessions where spread out on a steep slope, or possibly a stair way. One of my friends was an artist, and she was making these weird little sculptures that tucked into one corner of every door frame. I was going around behind her putting ridiculously high price tags on all of them. At some point the Queen (yes, just like it’s hard to remember to write 2023 after a year of writing 2022, it’s hard to dream about the King after a lifetime of living under a Queen) comes out and scolds me about the high price tags, and tells me to take them down because she’s already negotiated a price with my friend. I recall putting something in or taking something out of the mess that was my car and assorted possessions, but I don’t recall which.

I hope somebody has better luck interpreting these dreams than I do, because I’m at a loss. I am pretty sure both of these dreams were longer, but I don’t recall any more. One thing I’ve noticed lately is that all my dreams seem to have one famous person who has been in my consciousness that day. One recent dream it was Wout Van Aert after I’d watched a cyclocross race the day before. Another one had Vladimir Putin in it but of course the Russia/Ukraine War is in the news (and my Quora feed) every day. And there is a GCN video on YouTube every day. Not sure where the Queen came from, though.