The continuing saga of replacing disks

Well, after last Monday, I realized that I wasn’t backing up all the files I’d need on the new system, so I had to change my nightly backup. Unfortunately that caused the nightly backup to take so long that it interfered with the next night’s backup, so when I got home from 2 days in Ithaca I discovered my nightly backups were kind of screwed up. I now have that mostly fixed up.

I copied the lastest backups over to the new server and started up the three guest OSes, only to find that one doesn’t start right, because it appears to be missing scripts from /lib/init/. I copied them over from another guest and it seems to be starting, as well as I can tell.

I also recently discovered the “H” option to rsync to preserve hard links. This might be useful, although it seems to conflict with “link-dest”.

Current plan is to make another backup of the three guests, and rsync that over. Then shut down the three guests, and rsync that over. Then whip out the disks and go running over to the colo facility and try to get them in. Depending on how long the first step takes, I might wait until tomorrow.