So long, Kodak

I found out yesterday that Kodak has shut down the Digital Cinema group that I belonged to for over 6 years, a victim of a Kodak’s inability to keep up with an incredibly rapidly changing marketplace. Some years before that, I’d had the pleasure to work with many of the same people on a product called “Cineon”, a very high end post production and digital editing program for movies. Alas, technology marched on faster than we did and today people are doing on their Macintoshes and PCs what we were doing on 16 processor million dollar SGI Onyx computers.

But in both cases, I was working with the finest group of programmers, QA people, applications specialists and sysadmins it’s ever been my pleasure to work with (with the possible exception of GeoVision, which was also exceptional). And although I might be cutting my own throat because I’m still in the job market and many of them will be entering the job market very shortly, I sent out this message to the Peernet Rochester Yahoo Group.

I just found out that my old colleagues on the Digital Cinema team at Kodak all got their notices today. And while I’m probably going to be competing with them for some of the same jobs, I’d just like to put a shout out to any hiring managers here to let them know that if you see a software developer or tester with experience in the Kodak Theatre Management System on their resume, you could not do better than to hire them. They are positively the best group of people I’ve worked with in my 25 years of working all over the world.

Ok, if there was some way to put these things on a scale and see how it balances, I’d probably put the team at GeoVision (not the Albany group, the original ones) and the Cineon team as tied for first best, and the Digital Cinema group as a fairly close second, and a couple of the people at SunGard right up there.

Man, I hope we all end up employed again soon. And I hope we all end up working together some time.

Oh, and if you’re one of my former colleagues from Kodak, give me a shout off-line and I’ll hook you up with the Peernet group – it’s really been helpful.

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  1. > Man, I hope we all end up employed again soon.

    “More than 1 million people will run out of unemployment benefits in January” according to

    So, what are these people going to do with their lives?
    I do realise that one million people in your part of the world is a lot less than in my part of the world, but surely you’re not expecting them to starve to death silently?

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