Hey, that looks pretty decent

Decal on the kayakLast fall, I bought a decal to decorate my kayak. It arrived soon after my wrist went into a cast, so it was late in the season before I put it on. It was a sunny day, about 55 degrees out. The instructions said to wait until it was 60 degrees out, but I dragged the kayak out to the sun and thought that would be good enough. It wasn’t – the paper got all wrinkled up. But I decided to leave it to see if it got any better.

Decal on the kayakIn the spring, when I brought the kayak out for the first paddle, the paper actually had flattened out. But I couldn’t seem to get the paper off without pulling off the vinyl. But yesterday I managed to get the paper off – it turns out that the isn’t any vinyl under the paper around the edges, only where the black stuff is. For some stupid reason I expected clear vinyl with ink, not just black vinyl. A few little chunks of vinyl came off, but on the whole I think it looks pretty good.

Targetted spam or a referral from somebody who knows me?

Normally, spammers hit millions of email addresses in hopes of finding one match. But today I got one that was so precisely targetted I can only think it was directed specifically at me.

Our client designs and manfactures various products which are used in
navigation and security applications. Much of their technology’s purpose
is to turn visual information (such as vehicle and people positions and
landscape features) into usably displayed visuals in a real time

As they build their advanced, next generation platform that integrates
moving map and sensor functions, an opportunity has opened up for a
high-energy, self-motivated senior software engineer to join their
growing team in Falls Church Virginia.

This is a technology leadership position for a software professional who
has developed complex applications. Experience in intelligence,
surveillance and reconnaissance would be a major plus, but are not

Required skills include:

Strong database background
open GL
at least some exposure to Python scripting
The individual must have a strong knowledge of display technology.
GIS (geographical information systems) expertise would be a big plus.
Vector engine Technology
Attention to details and documentation.
Strong communications skills in both spoken and written English.
Proven success in a developmental environment.

University degree in Electrical, Software or Systems Engineering, or
comparable, is required. An advanced degree is preferred.
All successful applicants must be eligible to meet requirements for U.S.
government security clearance and substance screening.

MPEG4, JPEG2000 experience would be a big plus.

US Citizens only.

Qualified candidates will please submit their MS Word resume, and cover
letter (which includes salary and citizenship details) for immediate and
confidential consideration.

Company offers an excellent salary and superior benefits.

Well, aside from the fact that I can’t move to Falls Church VA and I’m not a US citizen, this job would be perfect for me. Some of the best job satisfaction I ever had was working at GeoVision, a GIS company working in C and Oracle. From the location and the security requirements, it’s definitely government, and probably either military or NRO.

If I were free to move and a US citizen, I’d be on this job like speeding tickets on a JRH.