Some answers on “Two Weeks To Taxi”

I wrote to Glasair about the plane I blogged about in Rants and Revelations ร‚ยป Now this is an intriguing idea. Here are some answers I got:

Q. When you say “two weeks to taxi”, what exactly is left before the plane is flying?

A. You will start up your engine and taxi your airplane while here. But, we recommend you do some simple steps for safety before you launch on your maiden flight. All you really need to do is a thorough safety inspection equivalent to a detailed annual inspection, weigh the airplane, complete your weight and balance calculations and then the last step is your FAA inspection, sign off to get your airworthiness certificate. Then you will start your flight test program.

We will provide you with all the detailed check lists for the final safety checks, W & B calculations and flight-testing.

Q. Do you provide familiarization training in the aircraft?

A. You will receive several hours of transition training included with the purchase of the airplane and the program.

Q. What about floats? Do you sell them as well? Can they be added there at the customer build center?

A. We do not sell floats, but we can refer you to a couple companies that make a float that will work well on the Sportsman. We cannot install floats in our program but we can put some of the attachment fittings on while you are here should you make a deal with one of the companies and they can get us the parts.

Q. I’m planning on going to Oshkosh. Is there any chance I could get a flight in a Sportsman, or just a look around one?

A. We will be at Oshkosh, and we invite you come to our booth and see the
airplane. However getting a demo flight there is not as good as getting one here at the factory. Because of the high density of traffic, we cannot allow you do to take offs and landings in that environment, and we simply do not have the time to go to another airport to get you that kind of demo flight. Additionally, we are so limited on the number of flights we can conduct, we try to limit them to people who are so close to making there decision to purchase, that it is the last thing they need to do before placing an order.

Therefore, we always recommend that prospective customers come visit us here at the factory. We are near Seattle. Not only will you be able to fly in a more relaxed atmosphere, but you will also have the opportunity to tour our facilities, and see that we are a substantial and credible company that delivers on our promises.

We are even willing to contribute toward the expense of coming to visit should you place and order with us.

I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced. Where do I mail my deposit?

(Just kidding, Vicki.)

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  1. Sorry. This is Vicki’s chairperson. She’s lying dead on the floor with a heart attack.

    She said, with her dying breath, to tell you that she’s sorry about disinheriting you last month when she had to take out the garbage because you forgot. She meant to reinstate you, but never got around to it.

    Gee. Sucks to be you.

    Come get the body, she’s starting to stink up the place.

  2. thank you for your blog! This is great to know more about the Sportsman. I had seen the plane last year. I was interested in it and I really like the idea of all of the flexibility of mission profile. However, with such a significant cost, I wonder what kind of resale value there might be for the plane should I ever need to sell it or if I ever lost my medical, etc. With a STC plane you know you can just resell it… what about with the Sportsman? I’m hoping it is similar or at least get the majority of my money back out of it, right? ๐Ÿ™‚
    My wife also doesn’t want me to buy the plane yet… however after seeing the DVD it was a HUGE help since she could see how the plane could be used and some of the great trips we could take… much better than me trying to just tell her about it… she is sick of hearing about it from me ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just don’t know if the factory would give me any sort of discount… the reason is that it would be $150k how i want it decked out with the 210hp, FADEC for fuel efficiency, etc. however, I’m hoping I could do the Dynon EFIS and EMS to save money over what Glasair offers today so hopefully that would shave some off of the $128k quoted plus upgrades pricing…

    Please keep updating the blog as you get closer to buying a plane…. it is great for all of us on the web to help eachother out…


  3. Thanks for asking them the same questions that have been nagging at the back of my mind. I was also just at Oshkosh and picked up one of their shiny new brochures touting the “Two Weeks to Taxi.” But what I kept wondering, and saw no hint of in the brochure, was, “And then what?” DO I truck the ‘almost done’ plane back to my home airport and finish it off there? DO I need to take ANOTHER two weeks off work for the flight tests and approval(s)? What about these floats and tail wheels they keep advertising that you can change to in 15 minutes?

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get to their booth until after the show. It was unmanned, so I couldn’t ask my questions. I’m glad you did. I’m also glad I wasn’t alone in wondering.

    Good luck in your quest for an airplane. I’m still a few years off, but it’s never too soon to start dreaming.

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