Wasting time.

On Monday my boss issued a directive saying that contractors can’t bill more than 40 hours in a week without prior authorization. So today I was walking out at 2:30, finished for the week, and I met him coming in from his long lunch. Bye Mike.

I’m flying to Oshawa. I phoned for a 18:45 arrival, only to find that Oshawa doesn’t have customs after 16:30. Which is a bit weird because most of the time, “customs” is just a phone call to 1-888-CANPASS. So instead I’m flying to St. Catherines to clear customs, then hopping over the lake from there. But because it’s a short flight and customs requires two hours notice, I’m waiting around at Rochester airport until 18:00. Thank goodness for open wireless nodes. This one is called FLGCAP.