Well, that didn’t last long

A few hours after my last post, as I slept not very soundly, the hard disk that kept dropping out of the RAID as it rebuilt dropped again. This morning, I booted in the the Seagate “SEATools” disk and gave it a full on test, and it found a metric buttload of bad sectors. Not good on a brand new disk, so off to the RMA process I go. The machine is up and running again, with /dev/md128 running as a “degraded RAID 1” (ie a single drive with no mirror).

Does anybody else find it pretty shitty that the vendor can ship you a defective drive, and then make you pay for the shipping to return it? Or that they won’t ship the replacement until they get the old one back? Seems to me that they could ship a replacement immediately with the proviso that they’ll charge your credit card for the drive if you don’t return the old one.