Is it too early to start planning for Oshkosh?

Ok, I missed last year. I really want to go again, and I really want to fly. But we don’t have a Lance any more and somebody already booked the Dakota, so I’m going to have to be *really* careful about weight if I’m planning to go in an Archer. The other problem is that last time I went we camped, but after a day walking around I’m in incredible pain and I was damn near useless around the camp, and I felt bad about letting Mark do all the work. Maybe what I should do is pack a tent, a sleeping bag, and a bike to get to the Chinese buffet place across the road? Or maybe I should fly in, but park in GAP (General Aviation Parking) and find a place in one of the dorms or something?

I’m also thinking that sacrilege of sacrilege, I might not go for the whole week. Maybe come in Saturday before things get started, stay for Jay Hoeneck’s famous party on Wednesday, and leave on Thursday. Much as I hate to admit it, the air shows get pretty repetitive after 4 or 5 days, and unless you’re specifically in the market for something, you can see it all in that time as well. Plus, when I stay the full week I’m in real danger of getting talked into buying a kit. After all, I built a canoe from scratch, how much harder could an airplane be? Oh, that much harder? Ok, never mind then.

One thought on “Is it too early to start planning for Oshkosh?”

  1. It’s never too early to plan for Oshkosh. I know of a lot of people who leave after four or five days. They say the “real” aviators arrive the first weekend so they can get a good spot and watch everyone else arrive. The good stuff happens during the week, so they pick the better weather day of Thursday or Friday to leave. The second weekend is when it’s packed with all the local “non-aviator” folks who come to see the airshow.

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