Is it too early to start planning for Oshkosh?

Ok, I missed last year. I really want to go again, and I really want to fly. But we don’t have a Lance any more and somebody already booked the Dakota, so I’m going to have to be *really* careful about weight if I’m planning to go in an Archer. The other problem is that last time I went we camped, but after a day walking around I’m in incredible pain and I was damn near useless around the camp, and I felt bad about letting Mark do all the work. Maybe what I should do is pack a tent, a sleeping bag, and a bike to get to the Chinese buffet place across the road? Or maybe I should fly in, but park in GAP (General Aviation Parking) and find a place in one of the dorms or something?

I’m also thinking that sacrilege of sacrilege, I might not go for the whole week. Maybe come in Saturday before things get started, stay for Jay Hoeneck’s famous party on Wednesday, and leave on Thursday. Much as I hate to admit it, the air shows get pretty repetitive after 4 or 5 days, and unless you’re specifically in the market for something, you can see it all in that time as well. Plus, when I stay the full week I’m in real danger of getting talked into buying a kit. After all, I built a canoe from scratch, how much harder could an airplane be? Oh, that much harder? Ok, never mind then.